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But these cases are rare among the millions of Iranians participating in the digital scene. The court's prosecutor, Javad Babaei, said on Iranian TV that around 20 percent of Instagram posts from Iran are related to modeling. “The government has this problem with virality,” Ashgari says. “If you do your thing in your corner, nothing happens.” The risks of attracting the wrong kind of attention increase when entrepreneurs move from Instagram and online shops to tech startups that need to raise money and promote new platforms. Yet that hasn’t deterred Iranian women from flocking to the digital market. Tehran-based fashion industry veteran Mahboobeh Shokoohifar believes foreign political sanctions can be even more challenging than local religious police, called the Gasht-e Arshad . She is part of the founding trio behind the styling app Fit&Fine , which won first place at Asghari’s fashion-tech competition in 2016. Shokoohifar hopes online shopping clothes to represent her company at an international high-tech conference in New York this year, but she worries about getting a visa. “Because of [Trump’s] recent visa ban, I think the most important problems are visas and financial transactions,” Shokoohifar says over Skype. “ [Customers] can't use international credit cards because of banking sanctions.” Fashion industry vet Mahboobeh Shokoohifar.

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