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Woman from Vancouver on trial in Montreal for heroin smuggling

Serena Khavita Narinesingh, 28, is charged with trying to smuggle more than seven kilograms of heroin into Canada through the airport in Dorval.  The jury — composed of seven women and five men — will also be shown video images of Narinesingh, recorded by security cameras, while she was at Trudeau airport and while she was at her hotel. The RCMP also seized two phones from the accused that contain messages that will be pertinent to the trial. The first witness to testify, Konstantinos Tsambarlidis, the CBSA officer who discovered the false bottoms on both of Narinesingh’s bags, said she told him she was “a nanny from B.C.” when he asked what her occupation was. The inspection of her suitcases was conducted the day after she arrived in Montreal and she was present while it happened. She agreed to hand over keys to small locks that prevented Tsambarlidis from opening the suitcases. Once they were open, Tsambarlidis said the first thing that caught his attention was how lightly both suitcases were packed. “I noticed there were very few items inside the bags. There was very little clothing,” he said, adding he emptied both and placed one hand on the interior of the bottom of one suitcase and his other hand on the exterior. He said he knew something was amiss because he could not feel his fingers through the soft material. Tsambarlidis said he called in his superior, CBSA Superintendent Kaitlin Steen, to assist and she used a sharp instrument to penetrate the bottom of one of the suitcases and trace amounts of while powder that smelled like vinegar fell out of the hole she made.

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Woman Drinks Pure Vanilla Extract, Charged With DUI  CBS Pittsburgh

Police say Ranker said she had two vanillas, about seventy proof alcohol that she was drinking from an eight-ounce bottle. She also had five more two-ounce bottles in her car. Greg Betant lives nearby. He says empty bottles have been dumped there for years. กระเป๋าสตางค์ ผู้หญิง “I’ve complained about it to the police, and I usually get a large garbage bag and go down every year and pick up,” he said. “The most I picked up at one time was 110.” He couldn’t believe that a 61-year-old woman was drinking vanilla extract. “I thought kids that could not buy alcohol [did that], I didn’t think a 61-year-old woman [would],” Betant said. “That’s amazing.” Ranker’s blood alcohol level was 0.128 percent.

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